MSJ provides safe, convenient living by being

faithful to the basics and promoting new technology development for the future.

Business Areas

Injection Molding

Based on the plastic injection molding expertise built over many years, MSJ is developing advanced injection molding technologies to manufacture plastic parts for automobile and electronic products. In addition, MSJ guarantees product quality by establishing a smart factory with automated production management and injection molding lines.

Smart Factory Establishment and Production Management

MSJ’s smart factory is transforming through continuous upgrade and maintenance to optimize the production system; thus improving productivity, strengthening energy efficiency, and reducing the defect rate. With ICT applied to the entire process from production planning to marketing, MSJ flexibly responds to market changes and maximizes productivity.

Productivity improvement
  • Remove loss through standardization and system optimization
  • Reduce the defect rate and improve the production goal fulfillment rate

Process Automation Production Line

MSJ’s production technology, combined with robot and inspection equipment automation, ensures superior product quality.
Based on internalized mold production technologies, MSJ prevents human errors under various process conditions and creates an automated production line to provide stable productivity and meet customers’ quality requirements.

Excellent Guarantee for Product Quality
  • Ensure efficient spatial use and establish clean factory based on compact process
  • Remove process defects and causes of customer complaint by automating process including inspection process